Fat Ass Zombies is a feature film about a failed filmmaker waking up to a Zombie OUTBREAK in his small town. Instead of taking cover to save his ass, he seizes the opportunity to use the real carnage to make the movie of his life with production value he never had before. With help from a crew of misfits, he attempts to keep alive while shooting the Baddest Ass Zombie movie ever made or at least made in his small town in Texas.

Want to be a part of his film? Check out Mission #2

We want YOU to use your amazing film making skills to make THE WORST Zombie film ever. That's Right! We want it to be horribly bad with horrible acting, horrible effects, and a HORRIBLE title. So BAD it's GOOD! The film crowned "The Most Horrible Zombie Film Ever" will be featured as our main character's work in Fat Ass Zombies the Movie.

There can only be ONE winner but nine lucky runner ups will also have a chance to have portions of their entries placed in the film. Submissions are welcome now through February 2nd, 2018


Mission 1

Zombie Killer Auditions

We will be casting a few female and male Zombie Killers from the online auditions. Create a Bad Ass Character, show us your Zombie Killing moves or just be your AWESOME Self! Those cast will be given a Travel Stipend, Film Credit and an opportunity of a lifetime. Submissions Start July 11th. Upload as many auditions as you like!


Mission 2

Short Film:
Dead Beat Zombie Dad

Are you a filmmaker?! If so we want you to make the worlds worst zombie short film any living human being has made. So BAD its GOOD!!! The title of the short, wait for it..... Dead Beat Zombie Dad. This is our hero's film he can't get into any film festivals. SO make it uniquely bad. You write the script. You Shoot it. You send it to us! We put it in our film. Its that simple. Shoot it on your phone, your GoPro or your 8k Camera, doesn't matter. If your film wins we'll put it in our film and fly you out to attend the Fat Ass Zombie premier in sunny Los Angeles.

Please read the rules and guidelines.


Mission 3

Cell Phone Footage

Create I witness Cell Phone footage. Watch the clip and then put your own spin on it. We will be including these clips into at the end of the movie when we see what happened through the eyes of the media and news stations.