What's the film about? ZOMBIES of course! It's about a frustrated horror film director living in a small town who wakes up one day to an actual ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. That's right kiddos! Real ZOMBIES!

Instead of hightailing it out of town or looking for the safest place to keep ones brains and ass alive, our hero and his band of misfits decide to try using real Zombies for the production value they never had. They finally get the big break they've been waiting for! Why is it called Fat Ass Zombies? You'll have to watch it when it comes out to find out.

We need you!

We need you. We are going to make the most Bad Ass Zombie film ever!!! Or at least that has ever been filmed in Corsicana,Texas and we WANT YOU!!!

We have 3 missions:

Mission 1: Casting of Zombie Killers! (Closed)

We are looking for a few KILLERS!!! It's easy!!! Think up a great character, film yourself in action and upload your video to our website. We want to hear why you and your AWESOME character should be in our film. Show us some of your moves! Show us your acting chops! The more colorful and creative, the better. Ladies don't think this is just for the guys, we want to see you in action as well! All those cast will be given a small travel stipend, film credit and an experience of a lifetime!!!

Mission 2: Short Film - Dead Beat Zombie Dad! (OPEN)

Are you a filmmaker?! If so we want you to make the worlds worst zombie short film any living human being has made. So BAD its GOOD!!! The title of the short, wait for it..... Dead Beat Zombie Dad. You write the script. You Shoot it. You send it to us! We put it in our film. Its that simple. As long as the film follows our guidelines we guarantee we'll use some or all of your footage in our film. That's right, we guarantee we will use your film.

Mission 3: Cell Phone Footage! (Coming Soon)

Once we are in Post Production, we will be asking fans to make faux mobile footage of zombies they captured during the outbreak. We will be providing you clips from the movie where the footage is intended to go so you can create something BAD ASS for us!

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3 ..

  Get Started

1. Record your video

Don't have BIG TIME camera gear? NO PROBLEM. Film it with your phone if you don't have something better. If you have the latest 4k camera that is cool too!

  • Remember to film in Landscape (Insert Visual).
  • Make sure you have written permission from all those in the film with you.

You can download release here:

  • Make sure we can hear you.
  • No Minors!
  • No Animal Cruelty!
  • Don't showcase brands. They might not be a fan of FAT ASSES!!!

2. Upload your video

All videos will be approved before posting to our site

  Get Started


3. Share your video

Make sure to share your video. We want everyone to see your KILLER skills!